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Only app creator you will need.

We have made it easy and affordable to get an app for your business or organization.

What is Smappecle? It’s a software solution which can provide an app for you.

We have created a software that allows you to create an application for your business simple and effective. Without programming knowledge, fast and easy. It is a chance for your business to shine, improve your brand with an app and let customers know you better.

You only have to pay once

We know it sounds unrealistic, but it’s true. Once you make your app, it’s yours forever. No monthly overpayment.

No programming is needed. Only ideas!

  • You don’t need to know programming
  • Lots of templates to choose from
  • Only your ideas are needed
  • Your app will adapt to your business

You can choose from a variety of themes.

You can choose between a variety of them, and you will have many possibilities. All you have to do is have a vision, and it is up to us to make it possible.

Protection for organizations

  • Free app for organizations for children and women’s rights.
  • Our goal is to help those who need our help the most.
  • Their position in society is our goal.

Frequently asked questions

Is it a free forever account?

Yes, it’s free forever when it comes to usage. You can change things as your business changes, but once you make an app, you have an app, simple as that. You can change things several times, which is more than enough. Pay once, and benefit forever!

Can I import data?

Of course, you can, and you can import and delete whatever you want. In this way, Smappecle will help you to improve your products. You can look deeper into consumer behavior from historical data such as time spent by them or the most preferred products.

Is the app an easy marketing tool?

The mobile app can make a small or big business stand out with the right marketing plan. Also, it gives the impression that your company is teach-savvy. And with proper descriptions and reviews in your app will provide an edge to your business.

What does Smappecle mean?

Smappecle is a software that creates apps for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations—shortened for Smart Application Enterprise Client Environment.

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